Treat Depression with Homeopathy

Now that depression has been linked with high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, you can see how the roots of depression may lie on chronic stress or shock and trauma. We may manage one or two challenging events in life, but a third shock will often result in a much heavier reactive depression.

Depression is rather like learned helplessness where you lose resilience to setbacks and losses and feel flattened by major malaise for weeks or even months. You are unable to notice positive experiences or experience pleasure and find it difficult to regulate yourself by ruminating on conflicting emotions. Guilt compounds the common understanding of depression as anger turned in on yourself. A lot of stress predisposes you to depression, and once you’ve had a couple of periods of depression you are more vulnerable to chronic depression.

Like the other conditions I describe here under the shock rubric, your body is undergoing a huge conflict and you may feel wiped out by lethargy in spite of elevated stress hormones flooding your system with adrenaline, cortisol and insomnia; very early waking, typically at 4 or 5am. Hormones such as Thyroid function might be low, and your nutritional status may be inadequate. Your body is literally slowing down and your emotional reactions become deeply internalised.

Whatever the reason for your depression; bereavement, divorce or unemployment, the symptoms are the same. Your body needs to rebalance the sympathetic nervous system as you find more psychological resilience.

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