Homeopathy has a good track record with treating dental problems, and some dentists routinely use remedies like Arnica? after extractions. Phosphorous can be used to staunch bleeding, or minimise the effects of anaesthetics on sensitive mortals. There are also remedies to help panic stricken patients cope with the ordeal of the dental chair.

Aside from the actual visit, mouthwashes (made from herbs like Hypericum and Calendula) and homeopathic remedies? can help with problems of bad breath, gum diseases and? toothache.?Homeopathic remedies are excellent for the treatment of mouth ulcers and dental abscesses, and are easy to use at home.

Homeopathic remedies covered include Aconite, Arnica, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Ferrum Phos, Mag phos, Staphysagria, Merc sol, Phosphorous, Silica and Coffea.

?Dental work

Aconite?Use: For dental anxiety.
Indications: State of terror and anxiety in anticipation of a dental visit. Restless and panicky. Fear of the pain.

Arnica?Use: for bruised pain following dental work or surgery. After dental extractions.
Indications: The mouth is usually sore, tender and sensitive to touch.

?Ruta?Use: Any deep aching after dental extraction which has not cleared up with Arnica.
Indications: Deep pains in bones of jaw. “Dry socket’ where wound doesn’t bleed much – but doesn’t heal either.

Hypericum?Use: for sharp pains, from nerves irritated or inflamed by dental work.
Indications: Pains seem to shoot from the affected area. Pain feels better from a hot pack.

?Ledum?Use: Gum feels numb and dead after an injection, or deep root canal work.
Indications: Localised swelling and redness. Pains better from ice cold drinks, or applying a cold pack.

Phosphorous?Use: side effects of anaesthetics; nausea or vomiting. Also for excessive bleeding after dental work.
Indications: Anxious, but reassured by doing something about it. Wants cold drinks, or cold packs.

?Nux Vomica?Use: Toothache; feels oversensitive to pain.
Indications: Feels irritable and bad-tempered with the pain. Just want to be left alone.

?Staphysagria?Use: toothache which is worse from cold drinks. Pains are smarting or pricking.
Indications: resentful, feels dental work is an intrusion.

Plantago?Use; Also for toothache in badly decayed teeth.
Indications; Nerves irritated; pain shoots across side of face.

Merc sol?Use: Gum disease. Gums look swollen and spongy, retracted from teeth. Mouth tastes foul, excess salivation and often ulcers.

Silica?Use: dental abscess.
Indications: sensitive to cold water.

Calc sulph?Use: In cases of deep or chronic abscesses, which may form a fistula or passage into the mouth.

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