If You Have Suffered from Shock and Want to Clear the After Effects of Trauma, Consider a Skype Consultation with Cassandra Marks, Registered Homeopath.

Do You Suffer From: Insomnia, Nightmares, Hyper-vigilance, Agoraphobia, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Lack of Concentration, Headaches or Sighing, Grief, Disappointed Love, or any Traumatic Event in Your Life?

Regardless of the cause, the symptoms are similar.
Your body needs to release shock for your mind to let go of past trauma and regain your health and vitality.

This is your opportunity to access expert help to deal with shock trauma RIGHT NOW.

Cassandra Marks RSHom has over 30 years experience and is the author of Homeopathy for The Soul; Ways to Emotional Healing. You can consult her on Skype or Google Hangouts from your home.

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Resolving shock is often the missing link in healing. Resolving shock involves reactivating the bodies own healing system so that it can find equilibrium once again. You need to clear the residue from brain, nervous system, tissues and joints so that energy doesn’t get stuck there and cause a range of functional (and eventually somatic) symptoms.

Say good-bye to physical and psychological symptoms due to Shock, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder, Depression and Anxiety. If you suffer from sadness, grief and rumination over old losses consider homeopathic treatment. I treat anxiety leading to panic attacks, obsessional thinking or depersonalisation.

…it’s easy to find out if you will respond well to homeopathic treatment.

Most people prefer Skype for therapy consultations.

You get more for your money more focused time together, without factoring in travel, taking time off work.

What do you get?
  • Access to expert coaching
  • Cheap and convenient
  • Private
  • Immediate
Book a Skype consultation right now and receive a questionnaire designed to focus you on the issues that you want to change right now, along with a guide to exercises which will help you Clear Buried Shock and Past Trauma. If you’re not taking much medication, book an initial session to find out if homoeopathy will work for you. Fill in your details to express your interest and get a guide to exercises to free your body and mind from shock trauma. I can provide details about fees and arranging a consultation.


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